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Espace LoggiaLoggiatek
A webgl furniture configurator AVAILABLE IN THE browser and in store on touch screens INSTALLATION setups
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Espace Loggia • Loggiatek

Description : Espace Loggia is a french brand building on demande and customisable furniture that makes you win some space. Loggiateck is a program running in browser and in store on touchable screen allowing you to customize the brand furniture. User can save there projects and reload when needed.

Skills & tech :#HTML #SCSS #JS #ThreeJS #webGL #NodeJS #express #mongoDB #3dModeling #rigging #texturing

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Founded in 2016 by a former agency CTO, techpaf is a kind of new gen creative studio. From websites to connected and interactive installations, we take a lot of pleasure in designing, coding & crafting our clients projects.

In short we do 2D and 3D designs, code, custom hardware and 3D print / laser cut. That wide spectrum of skills allow us for instance to design a 3D tangible object that we can print or craft, build the electronic circuit inside of it, write the code that run on this circuit and transfer datas to an API online, write a server side application that interact with it and finally design and code a mobile application to control the whole thing.

To achieve that we use different tools and technologies. This is a non exhaustive list of some of them : HTML / CSS / SCSS / JS / Canvas / WebGL / GSAP / PHP / MySQL / NodeJS / MongoDB / Wordpress / Woocommerce / Shopify / Debian / Ubuntu / Electron / Cordova / C# / Adobe Creative Suite / ProCreate / Maxon Cinema 4D / Blender / zBrush / Cura / Arduino / Unity / SparkAR / Lens Studio


We are based in the wonderfull city of Boulogne Billancourt - France. We speak french & english (with an irresistible french accent).

If you need us for anything you can contact get in touch at :

And follow us here and there :